How The 31-Day Meditation GUIDE Works

31 Daily Meditation Guides & Tips

Get daily step-by-step guides on how to develop a regular meditation habit. As well as how the key to bringing meditation into your daily life.

4 Weekly Guided Audio Meditations

Sign up and get a new meditation every week. You get to experience a wide range of different types of meditations. As well as the added benefit of doing a meditation on a daily basis for four weeks, the time it takes to create a habit.

Community for Support

You get access to the 31-Day Meditation Guide Facebook group and community of meditators. Building a new habit and the journey of self discovery isn’t always easy. Invite friends and join the community!

Automatically Entered To Win Kathmandu Yogi Products

When you join the 31-Day Meditation Guide you will automatically be entered into a contest to win Kathmandu Yogi products.

More Joy & More Freedom of Mind!

We’ve all heard that meditation is suppose to be good for us. Now it’s time to finally develop that habit and start a sitting meditation practice!