There are so many ways to practice meditation whether you’re performing the classic “sit down and breathe” method or using more modern techniques such as meditative dance or exercise. Either way, the benefits for both your physical and mental health are seemingly endless.

A successful meditation is all about the mindset and breath. It comes as a surprise to most people that meditating is hard! When you think about not thinking, you may feel that it will be easy (you following us?). However,  almost anyone who has tried or does meditate daily will tell you that sometimes it is challenging to remain focused on your breath and clearing your mind for extended periods of time. It is entirely a mental exercise. Here are the top five benefits of regular meditation.

1. Self Awareness

When you meditate daily, you will come to know your body in ways you haven’t before. You will be able to observe thoughts that keep coming up throughout the session. This observation can show you the things that are taking up most of your mental space. With that, you can decide whether they are contributing positively to your life, or if they are not and should be given less attention.

2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

When you can fully involve yourself in the present moment, you will not be able to worry about the past or present. Being in the present moment is the key to reducing stress and anxiety because it forces you to realize that there is only this moment and at this moment there is no reason to worry. According to Longevity, “meditation introduces more prone, or energy, into your body to improve your health. Additionally, daily meditation lowers high blood pressure, and the lives of blood lactate, which helps in reducing anxiety attacks.”

Just think about that. By lowering the high blood pressure and relieving any anxiety you may have, you can avoid having to contact a doctor or worrying so much about your overall health.

3. Increased Mental Clarity and Focus

Our days are filled with overstimulation, and this can cause our mind to race in a million different directions. Meditation helps you to focus on one thing at a time making it easier for you to go about your daily routine with more mindfulness. If you practice focusing on one thing at a time, you will create that habit within your life.

4. Increased Emotional Intelligence

A lot of people experience swells of emotion when they meditate. This emotion directs your attention to issues in your life that you may want to work on or express to others- or it may even lead you to feeling intense feelings of joy. Whatever it is, you will become more familiar with recognizing your emotions as they come up.

5. Induces Relaxation and Leads to Better Sleep

Meditation alters your heart rate, brain chemistry, and even your metabolism.

And guess what?

All of this triggers the relaxation response in your brain leading you to feel more refreshed and also get better sleep.

Try meditating daily for yourself and see how your life changes!

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