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Meditation on Loving Kindness

In honor of the February, which is National Heart Month and the month of love, we would like to share another Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, meditation on Loving Kindness. The meditation on loving kindness is meant to cultivate love for both all others and ourselves. Opening our compassion and letting go of all suffering. You […]

Can 7 Minutes of Loving Kindness Meditation Reduce Racism?

meditation reduces racism

Can love and compassion really reduce racism? A recent study published in the journal Motivation and Emotion by the University of Sussex says so. The study showed that just 7 minutes of Loving-Kindness Meditation reduced racial pre-conceived ideas. Lead researcher Alexander Stell, a Doctoral student in Psychology, said: We wanted to see whether doing LKM towards […]

Epic Yoga Prank Australian Actress Sophia Monk Farts During Yoga Class (Video)

Have you ever farted in yoga class? Australian actress Sophia Monk pranks a yoga class in so many ways. Everything from a wacky yoga mat, breaking out in inspired singing and letting one rip in the middle of yoga class. Sophia Monk definitely know how to take direction and spice up your yoga class! Video […]

A Meditation for Mothers

A Quick 10-Minute Meditation Video for Mothers The life of a mother is oftentimes an endless stream of stress. Raising a child, holding the family together and managing your own life can be more than a handful. Here’s a quick guided meditation for mothers to relieve a little of your stress. Find your center and […]

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