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Start Your Own Healthy Happy Hour to Promote Your Yoga Studio, Wellness Center or Clinic

Healthy happy hours are great ways to promote your business! It’s a simple marketing tactic to get new clients, bring old clients back and do some networking.The happy hour has been used for ages by bars — so why try and reinvent the wheel with something that already works! How Bars Do Happy Hour Your […]

Valentine’s Day Inspiration for All

Valentine’s Day has the tendency to push our buttons. Lovebirds– Did you put lots of thought into doing something special for your significant other? Are you feeling annoyed that your partner did not adequately reciprocate? Or did you totally drop the ball, and are picking up the phone right now to call the florist? Singletons– […]

Summer is Here, Where Is Your Mind?

summer is here, where is your mind?

The summer is finally in full swing! Ok, maybe the official day isn’t until June 21 in the US, but it FEELS like summer! I’ve even started working on getting that nice golden brown tan I promise myself every year. It seems like once memorial day rolls around everyone lights up and starts heading out […]

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