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How To Prepare For Meditation

how to prepare for meditation

Let Go of Expectations Whenever we enter into something new, I find there is always a mixture of excitement and maybe a little fear. The openness and excitement that comes with new possibilities. And the fear that it won’t meet expectations. Starting a meditation practice can be daunting. You have the hope that it will […]

How Meditation Works

how meditation works

The twists and turns of the mind are endless an require bravery. Learn how meditation works and exploring the depths of your mind can be an adventure full of unexpected experiences. Strap on your fearless hat and dig in! Working with Disturbing Emotions Have you ever gotten one of the backhanded compliments? Those little digs […]

Back To My Roots and Why I Created Kathmandu Yogi

I’ve been asked a lot lately, “why did you start Kathmandu Yogi?” I’ve noticed a funny habit starting to creep in when I respond. Instead of speaking from my heart, that I believe Nepal is a magical and precious place and I wanted to create a business that brought benefit to both the East and […]

How to Make Meditation a Habit

meditating woman

Make a Commitment to the Practice If you’ve started to meditate for a week or more you already know it isn’t easy! Between sore knees and sore egos keeping on track can easily waiver. That’s why I want you to make a commitment right now. Commit to yourself. My meditation teacher often says, “meditation is […]

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