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Beginner Meditations

Beginning meditation can be a an intimidating process. Here are some useful articles to get you started.

10 Ways To Create Your Perfect Meditation Room

10 ways to create your perfect meditation or yoga room

Finding your sacred space for meditation and your innermost development can be a daunting task. Dreams of the Himalayas or looking out from your beachfront home with bay windows on the coast may be a little beyond your reach right now, but we work with what we have. Even though we are looking inward with […]

Meditation on Loving Kindness

In honor of the February, which is National Heart Month and the month of love, we would like to share another Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, meditation on Loving Kindness. The meditation on loving kindness is meant to cultivate love for both all others and ourselves. Opening our compassion and letting go of all suffering. You […]

A Meditation for Mothers

A Quick 10-Minute Meditation Video for Mothers The life of a mother is oftentimes an endless stream of stress. Raising a child, holding the family together and managing your own life can be more than a handful. Here’s a quick guided meditation for mothers to relieve a little of your stress. Find your center and […]

How To Align Your Spine for Meditation with Dr. Nolan Lee

Interview with Dr. Nolan Lee Hometown- where are you from originally?  Chicago What was your aha moment that got you into Yoga? My first yoga class was a sweaty Bikram class. A very good friend of mine suggested that I tried yoga to de-stress from my 18hr work days. As a single, high-strung businessman I […]

This Easy Meditation for Beginners Will Make Your Day Better

Do you keep seeing articles about starting a meditation practice but don’t know where to start? Seems like everywhere I turn there is another study showing how beneficial it is to meditate. Yet most of the people I know that are interested have no idea where to go or how to start. ABC anchor Dan […]

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