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Kathmandu Yogi goes on National Tour!

drive for change

Kathmandu Yogi goes on National Tour! We’re super excited to be partnering with our friends at Khusi Hona on their Drive for Change covering 11,000 miles and 50 cities. Each tour stop features: Sound Voyage – Silent Yoga with Dj Karri Om + a teacher from the local studio using Soundoff™ headphones Lovetree Co Mala […]

10 Ways To Create Your Perfect Meditation Room

10 ways to create your perfect meditation or yoga room

Finding your sacred space for meditation and your innermost development can be a daunting task. Dreams of the Himalayas or looking out from your beachfront home with bay windows on the coast may be a little beyond your reach right now, but we work with what we have. Even though we are looking inward with […]

New Yogi Partners and Summer Travels

The best part about travelling is the connections you make along the way. Super excited about the new yogi partners and friends that we made on our recent road tour through Colorado. Here’s a brief introduction to these amazing folks, in no particular order. Lorin Roche, Ph.D. We had the honor of sponsoring Lorin Roche’s […]

Moby Gives Away 4 Hours of Yoga & Meditation Music: long ambients1

Moby just gave us a great gift. Like most of us, great music producer Moby needs to relax and decompress. Over time he’s been creating ambient music to aid in yoga, meditation and calming his mind. The music definitely feels more like a stream of consciousness experience than the beats we’re used to from Moby. Which I think […]

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