After three incredible weeks filled with inspiration from new collaborators, intensive design work with our artisans and soaking up the special energy of Kathmandu, we’re back and ready to share that magic with our Kathmandu Yogi network at home.

The time spent in magic Kathmandu has been bittersweet. I was saddened
by the visible destruction and suffering caused by the aftermath of the earthquakes. My favorite place to meditate, the rooftop of a very special monastery in Swayambunath, had completely crumbled to the ground with only the big Buddha from its former entrance still standing in a free-standing shrine.

Thousands of people in Kathmandu and the surrounding villages remain displaced, an already very difficult situation augmented by the recent fuel crisis caused by the Indian government’s blockade and the dramatic decline in tourism, Nepal’s leading industry.

Despite all this, everyone we met welcomed us with warm smiles and heartfelt Nepali hospitality. Even the poorest of people, living in makeshift tents for nearly a year, would find a way to offer you a seat and a cup of tea.

Beginning next week we will start introducing you to our incredible partners, an inspiring mix of fair trade business, social enterprise and nonprofits who share our values and have been active in supporting relief efforts and putting Nepalis back to work post-earthquakes.

And very soon on the one-year anniversary of the earthquakes in late April, we will launch our Kickstarter campaign where funds raised will go directly toward creating more work for Nepalis (particularly women, disadvantaged and impoverished populations).

Right now, however, to show our appreciation for our amazing customers and supporters, we are offering a special opportunity to get your very own, or gift that special someone in your life, a Kathmandu Yogi meditation cushion and/or yoga mat bag at a value price!

Get 50% off the Padma Red Collection, and free shipping on all orders over $100:

We are so grateful for Kathmandu Yogi’s incredible supporters during our first year in business. Please continue to show your love and spread the word. Stay tuned for more info about our latest endeavors and to share with your networks.

Namaste and thanks,
Natasha Casanova, CEO & Founder


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yogi Life shares the latest news in meditation and yogi lifestyle. Kathmandu Yogi is a Chicago-based social enterprise that produces limited edition yoga and meditation accessories, ethically made by female artisans living in Nepal.

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