The best part about travelling is the connections you make along the way. Super excited about the new yogi partners and friends that we made on our recent road tour through Colorado. Here’s a brief introduction to these amazing folks, in no particular order.

Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

We had the honor of sponsoring Lorin Roche’s meditation classes during the Denver Yoga Festival. Lorin has been teaching meditation for over 45 years and has a doctorate from the University of California for his work on the subjective experience of meditation.  Lorin is faculty at the renowned Kripaulu Center for Yoga & Health and is the author of Meditation Made Easy, Breath Taking, Whole Body Meditations and his latest work, The Radiance of Sutra.

julieJuli Rathke

Juli’s infectious positive energy struck us right away. This powerful yogini does it all. A successful entrepreneur and publisher (Founder of Yoga + life magazine), performance coach, speaker/author, retreat leader and wife/mother, Juli’s an inspiration to anyone who wishes to go beyond limitations.

KimberlyKimberly Braun

A fascinating yogini who spent 10 years as a Carmelite nun living in a monastery and now teaches meditation and is faculty at the renowned Omega Institute in New York. Kimberly was kind enough to bring one of cushions along for her upcoming program there.

Anton Mackey & Amy Solara

Arizona Yogi power couple, Amy Solara and Anton Mackey won our hearts at Telluride Yoga Festival after their adorable dog, Sherlock, claimed its cushion by clawing one special one.
Amazingly the brocade went unscathed.

Amy combines yoga with her background and interests in Shamanism, European witchcraft and  Eastern philosophy.

While Anton is known for his mindful approach to his classes that blend feminine flow with masculine power.

maria-de-nodaMaria De Noda

We also met powerhouse, Jersey-based yogini Maria De Noda. Maria’s on a quest to make yoga accessible for all.

Maria took home one of our Nomad travel cushions as well.

Check out her free videos on!

Tyrone BeverlyTyrone Beverly

At Steamboat Movement Fest we also got to connect with Tyrone Beverly, Denver’s leading advocate for diverse inclusivity in yoga. Besides being a great yogi and meditator, Tyrone is the founder and executive director of Im’Unique, a nonprofit dedicated to wellness education for all. Tyrone’s the proud owner of one of our Grand Brocade cushions.

image1Shanti & Scott Medina

This dynamic husband & wife duo, led an uplifting Kirtan during the Denver Yoga Festival.  The couple recently released a collection of original chants from wisdom-traditions around the globe along with embodied yoga therapy practices to self-regulate the nervous system and ignite the innate wisdom. Shanti & Scott were both fans of our cushions, and took their own Kathmandu Yogi cushion home.

Mas VidalMas Vidal

Mas is another captivating yogi we were fortunate to meet at Telluride Yoga Festival. Mas is a practitioner of Ayurveda and founder/director of Dancing Shiva Yoga Ayurveda, an international non-profit educational organization based in southern California. His teachings are based on the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda founder of Self Realization Fellowship. Mas was a fan of both styles of our cushions.

jeanie manchesterJeanie Manchester

Jeanie was another inspiring yogini on the tour. She brings over 30 years of dedicated practice and teaching experience to her classes and trainings. With a background that weaves modern dance, yoga, meditation, storytelling and spiritual teaching into her work today, Jeanie brings a sense of true mastery that empowers her students toward physical and spiritual growth.

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