Bhutanese Meditation Bundle

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 Silk meditation cushion with buckwheat hull filling
 Incense set made by Tibetan Buddhist nuns
 Cotton Canvas Carrying Sack
 Rosewood Mala Necklace
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Bhutanese Cushion Collection

 13.5 x 4 inches
 Includes canvas travel bag
 Removable and washable cover with handle
 Fair trade and handmade by Nepalese Artisans
 Filled with eco-friendly USA grown buckwheat husks
 Tibetan blended silk & 100% Nepalese organic cotton


Rosewood Mala Necklace

Rosewood Qualities

  • Rosewood is believed to be good for the skin
  • Improves the circulation and strengthening an individual's aura
  • Repels negative energy

Incense Set

Tibetan Healing Fragrance. Handmade by Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Nepal.


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