We are thrilled to introduce today’s Mindful Happy Hour guest, Cari Rogers!

Today, Thursday, May 6th on

Kathmandu Yogi’s Instagram at 5pm CT

Cari Rogers, LMT – healthyself

Cari is a yoga and meditation guide, intuitive body worker, and licensed massage therapist with 17 years of experience helping people discover their healing/growth potential in both private and group sessions as well as international retreats. She is especially inspired to help people feel empowered in their healing journey through deep listening, informed/ safe touch & movement, dynamic breathwork and intuitive insight. Cari owns and operates three Chicago-based wellness businesses: HealThySelf, Tribe, A Healing Arts Community and Advance Journeys.  

You can find this gazelle/sloth hybrid in the wild, peddling through nature or the city streets on her beloved bike or otherwise sitting still for hours pouring over books, meditations, or puzzles.

Natasha Casanova
Natasha is the Founder & CEO of Kathmandu Yogi, a purveyor of ethically made in Nepal yoga and meditation accessories. Kathmandu Yogi partners with organizations that work to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged and impoverished populations in Nepal, while educating locally about the global implications of the choices we make as consumers.
Natasha Casanova

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