Whether due to illness, injury, or just a break in schedule, we’ve all experienced that lapse in exercise and the difficulty in getting back in the swing of things. If you haven’t exercised in several weeks or months, it is important to use the right techniques to get back on track. When you try to do too much when out of shape, you risk straining your muscles, joints, or tendons. Here are a few tips for beginning an exercise routine after a long absence.

Begin With a Few Minutes Each Day

Don’t try to go on an hour-long jog after skipping your workouts for several months. If you do this, you may not be able to move the next day. Begin with 15 to 20 minutes of mild exercise such as riding a stationary bicycle or walking around your neighborhood. Yoga is a great introductory exercise and won’t add too much strain to your body. When you feel okay the next day, it is a great idea to repeat the same pattern. After a week, you can increase your exercise routine to 30 to 45 minutes.


Schedule Your Exercise Routines

If you aren’t in the habit of doing regular exercise, then it is a good idea to consider your daily schedule and find the time for a workout. You might like to exercise in the morning before work in order to energize your body, or you might prefer stopping at a fitness gym to get pumped up after a long day. Decide what works for you, experiment with different options and stick to your new routine. It is essential to have a planned time for your workouts, so you won’t get distracted by something else.


Hire a Personal Trainer

You might want to hire a personal trainer who can plan your exercise routine specifically for you. This is especially important after you have recovered from an illness or injury. Make sure your physician provides advice concerning the types of exercise you can do safely so you don’t risk any additional medical issues. A personal trainer can help you develop exercise routines that include certain types of repetitions, helping you to get back into shape quickly and help you heal.


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Have a Workout Buddy

If you think that exercise is boring, then bring a workout buddy to with you while you go swimming or attend a dance class. It is also important to socialize, but you don’t need to associate with your friends at restaurants or parties to have fun. Working out with a buddy gives you a chance to improve the health of your mind and body at the same time. According to Freedom Treatment Centers, accountability is a big part of recovery when it comes to addiction and rehabilitation, and this uses the same principle of holding yourself accountable to a friend or third party for added support. You’re less likely to quit two weeks in if you’ve committed to a carpool or day out with your workout friend.


It is a good idea to use several different tips to get back into shape. After you get back on track with your routine, you will lose weight and build muscle strength! Be sure to play it safe and consult with your doctor before you begin any new exercise regimen.

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