Natasha Casanova, the founder of Kathmandu Yogi, will be on NPR’s Worldview on WBEZ this afternoon at 12 pm CST.

You can stream it live at 12 pm CST today on or listen on the radio in your car on 91.5 in Chicago!

She’ll be talking about fair trade, how to shop mindfully and working with magical Nepal.

As you know, one of our strongest wishes is to help change how things are produced in this world.

We believe in sustainable manufacturing that is beneficial to everyone involved.

From the maker to the buyer and everyone in between

From Day-1, we have been a fair trade company, with the deep wish to benefit in mind.

We’ve been told how much more money we could make moving our manufacturing — but that’s not what we’re about.

We want to live in world that values people first and want to be part of that change.

You can find and support our Kickstarter here:


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