We all have bad days from time to time, but sometimes life decides to hurl a real whopper in your direction. Serious problems, such as disease, relationships, or legal battles, may seem impossible to escape, and suggesting meditation as a solution probably sounds silly. But by using meditation, you can take a mini-vacation wherever you are, even at your work desk.

Soothe the physical effects of stress

When we get stressed out, our bodies have a natural stress response that wears us out and can even make you unhealthy or more prone to disease. Some of these effects include high blood pressure and rises in cortisol. Increases in cortisol are connected to increases in fat around organs—also known as visceral fat. Fat cells around the organs secrete hormones that disrupt bodily functions and lead to various diseases. Prolonged stress can result in diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

To stay physically healthy, it is crucial to control stress. Meditation can help improve your health while reducing stress. 10 minutes a day can help manage stress, reduce anxiety and help you have a better day.  

Create a substitute for addictions

Addictions often stem from unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking, risky behavior, drinking, overeating, and drugs. All of these things should be avoided, but it can be hard to stick to your and the way to prevent them is through meditation. Meditation does not involve consuming something, drinking, smoking, gambling or having unprotected sex.

Meditation, according to The Monk Dude, is intended to clear the mind of thought. But it is also to identify the core of self awareness.

Find shelter from a legal storm

Dealing with legal issues is often very stressful, and you may feel like the process will never come to a resolution.

Whether you were falsely accused of a crime or dealing with domestic violence suit, you’re experiencing grief, pain, stress, and a possibly even a decline in health.

You have to be patient, take a deep breath, and meditate.

When you are dealing with an attorney who is involved in a case about yourself or a loved one, meditation can help you cope with the stress. It improves concentration so that you can think clearly and get down to business.


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Learn to manage your emotions constructively

When people are stressed out, they fall into the trap of taking their negative emotions out on other people. As result friends, loved ones and coworkers may suffer from being yelled at, insulted, and, in some cases, being physically assaulted. Relationships can erode pretty quickly when stress is dealt with in the wrong way. Even well-meaning people can slip into a habit of domestic violence if they do not learn how to manage their emotions.

Meditating can teach you how to free yourself from the grip of strong negative emotions.

Detach yourself from the madness

Whether you struggle with clinical anxiety, bipolar disorder, or another mental illness, it’s easy to want to give up and accept that you’ll never feel “normal” again.

While meditation is no substitute for medication, it can help you cope with the lows and take your medication regularly.

One way to start taking back the control in your mind is to be aware of your thoughts. When you find yourself having a stressful reoccurring thought, detach yourself from it by saying, “I’m having that thought again. That thought is not me, and I do not have to accept it as reality.” Supplement this with some quick meditation until you feel ready to keep going.

When life throws you a curveball, don’t let it knock you out.

By realigning your conscious through meditation, you can learn to accept life’s obstacles and keep moving forward — physically, emotionally, and socially.


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