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Spotlight on Kathmandu Yogi

Kathmandu Yogi is a Chicago-based social enterprise that produces yoga lifestyle goods, ethically made by artisans living in Nepal.

Founded in 2015 with a commitent to improve quality of life for underserved populations while fostering conscious development, Kathmandu Yogi has been hard at work making a global human impact.

At the core of our mission is connecting you with the person who made your products and the place that they come from.

We bring mindfulness full circle prioritizing the well-being, satisfaction, and personal development of everyone involved in the supply chain and work exclusively with trade partners that share these core values.

Meet the Makers Behind Kathmandu Yogi

What people are saying about us ...

My meditation cushion is fantastic, very comfortable and well made. I also purchased a mala necklace which I love. Both of these items are wonderful aids in meditation and it is wonderful to know their partnership is providing jobs for women who would otherwise be struggling to find work and support their families.

Amy Kuhr

I needed something to start meditating and Kathmandu Yogi's cushions are perfect. At first I fell in love with the beautiful brocade cushions. Then I fell in love with the mission. I've spent time in magical Nepal and knowing how much Natasha worked to raise money after the earthquake made me loyal for life!

Jen Davis

I've purchased a number of products from Kathmandu Yogi. The cushion is beautiful and comfortable, and I love using the mala I purchased! This company does good things, and it is so good to know where my products are coming from, that they are truly fair trade and are a direct connection to Kathmandu.

Shauna Hennessy

A client gave me one of these meditation pillows as a gift after our physical therapy session and I must say I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it! As a clinician, I highly recommend Kathmandu yogi pillows. It promotes proper spinal alignment and unlike regular pillows, it’ll never go flat......

Jon Rodriquez