Music As Medicine

We are pleased to announce our guest, Eli Lev, for the next installment of Mindful Happy Hour, Today (Thursday), May 14th at 5pm CT on Instagram Live 

Eli Lev, Singer-Songwriter
“The most meaningful thing for me is being able to express through my music what I’ve always felt about humanity. I want to bring people in, make them feel special, and break down the walls that keep us apart.”
Rising singer-songwriter and global citizen, Eli Lev, is making the world a smaller place one song at a time. Eli fosters an immersive experience for his audiences using a storyteller approach to stage banter through tales of his travel, witty asides, and engaging commentary.
The Maryland-based artist just released Deep South, the third album in a four part series inspired by indigenous traditions that he learned while teaching on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.
Eli pens lyrics and melodies for everyday enlightenment songs that resonate because they’re heartfelt, earthy, and offer the wisdom he’s gained through lifelong travel and self discovery. His infectious musicality, commitment to deep grooves, and playful charisma moves bodies and opens hearts.