Top 15 Yoga Websites and Blogs for Inspiration

Here at Kathmandu Yogi we are on an endless hunt for quality yoga websites, blogs and inspiration to fuel our yogis and yoginis. While the internet is a big place, it's not always easy finding quality yoga sites. Here are our top 15 yoga website and blogs to get you through your day!


YogaDork is one of those yoga websites that you just need in your life. They are honest, fun and so authentic. You will find a ton of fun articles. In this world where it's so easy to take our yoga and spirituality too seriously -- YogaDork is a great relief.

Mind Body Green

MBG is truly an unending stream or yoga, wellness, food, fitness and life inspiration. It's evolution to a high quality and professional magazine has been amazing. They are definitely a standard of content creation to follow in the wellness industry.


Yoganonymous is one of the big boys in the yoga space. It's created a really great open platform for yoga teachers, studios and bloggers to create a great yoga website full of individual blogs and inspiring content.

Yogi Times

Yogi Times is a great place to discover yoga events and culture taking place around the globe. It offers a wide range of articles, shopping and local yoga events. "Inviting people to discover the endless potential and possibilities that exist in them through contribution and sharing of their passion and knowledge… This is definitely part of the culture at Yogi Times, but, also, our higher purpose." - Sophie Parienti and JC Gabler, Founders Yogi Times

Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga may have started as a personal journey blog but has moved into a wide range of quality yoga content and inspiration. "Daily Cup of Yoga documents my journey through yoga over the last few years. Besides being my personal online yoga universe, my wish is for Daily Cup of Yoga to provide informative, enlightening content and resources for yogis and yoginis in their study and practice of the fine arts of yoga and simple living." - Brian

Do Yoga With Me

DoYogaWithMe is one of the best sites for yoga video tutorials online. Offering a really great yoga beginners, breathing and meditation section. "DoYogaWithMe is a constantly expanding resource of online yoga videos created by a passionate group of experienced instructors. Our yoga videos include classes, poses, breathing techniques and anatomy videos."

My Free Yoga

MyFreeYoga is one of the granddaddy's of yoga video websites around. The design may be a little dated but they offer a really wide selection of full length yoga classes. Everything from Ashtanga to Vinyasa yoga. "At MyFreeYoga you can upload your own videos, make new friends, find local studios, create your own series and so much more. I am working on incorporating a community blog and forums for those who have questions or concerns with yoga."


Yoganomics fills a much needed gap in the yoga space -- helping teachers grow their yoga business. Growing a studio or independent practice can be incredibly difficult and Yoganomics provides a lot of great content to help you along your way. "Yoganomics is a service for independent yoga teachers, studios and other yoga businesses that focuses content created for yogis, written for yogis, and written by yogis." - Brian Castellani

Yoga Journal

The one and only Yoga Journal magazine. Everything from poses, inspiration and yoga retreats. Their free content is really high quality and a great source for you daily yogi dose. "Founded in 1975 by members of the California Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Journal offers all practitioners—from beginners to masters—expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat."

Yoga Yak

Over 200 free yoga classes in Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Kundalini, Sivananda are offered.

It's All Yoga Baby

Roseanne has created a great in the trenches every day yoga blog to get your fix. "It’s All Yoga, Baby is Roseanne Harvey’s blog about yoga and other things, with a mission to spark investigation into the relationship between yoga, the body and popular culture."

Daily Downward Dog

Dog out on Downward Dog and work through the rest of your poses in style. "Downward Dog - for me, it is the quintessential pose and one that inspires me each and every time I practice yoga."

Peace Love Yoga

"My name is Laruga. I think it's pretty obvious I have a passion for Ashtanga yoga. Above all, I guess you can say, I'm a truth seeker. Always have been, probably always will be. Precocious as a child, I have nourished my curiosity into adulthood. A constant gnawing from the inside, somehow I've always known there was more to life than meets the eye."

Fuck Yeah Yoga

This is one of the greatest yoga tumblr communities that gives straight up, no B.S. daily yoga inspiration.

As the name implies, offers a wide and seemingly unending range of yoga related articles. Also has a large selection of videos demonstrating specific yoga poses.

Bonus - Yoga International

"Our mission is to offer knowledge, training, and the environment to realize one’s full potential and bring a qualitative transformation in ourselves and in the larger world of which we are integral part."