Full Moon

Take a few deep breaths and call to mind the moon. Perhaps you saw a really impressive full moon one time that made an impression in your mind. Call in that image. Can you feel its energy?

Take a few more deep breaths and imagine yourself gazing at the moon. You look and feel healthy and vibrant. You are smiling and vibrating internally- FEEL your beauty, your passion, your wisdom, your LIGHT! BASK IN IT. OWN IT!

You are standing with a basket of flower petals near a body of water. Each flower petal represents that which you are releasing - that which no longer serves you.

Take a deep breath and say aloud (or in your head) - “As I synchronize with the energy of the full moon tonight, I willingly let go of what no longer empowers and nourishes me.”

Notice the warmth of the moon beaming down on you and the breath of fresh air dancing on your skin. With each exhalation pause and drop flower petals into the water.

Marvel at the gentle ripples they create in the water... ripples through your energy, ripples through your life. With each petal you drop, release the things you need to break your attachments to, things you are ready to move on without, things weighing you down on your journey.

We can release the following together, and repeat after me out loud or inwardly.

  • I RELEASE... fear & doubt
  • I RELEASE... anger & resentment
  • I RELEASE... judgment of myself & others
  • I RELEASE... that which is not mine
  • I RELEASE... limiting beliefs
  • I RELEASE... all obstacles to my path
  • I RELEASE... any relationships that no longer serve my highest good
  • I RELEASE... all feelings of unworthiness
  • I RELEASE... attachment to outcomes
  • I RELEASE ________________
  • I RELEASE ________________
  • I RELEASE ________________
  • I RELEASE all that which is no longer in alignment with my Highest Self for the greater good.

When you no longer have any more petals in your basket, and you have released everything not serving you, notice how light you feel. Observe how beautifully the flower petals are guiding you down the path, ushering you into a new month, new moon cycle, new way of being, New life with FREEDOM to BE YOU.

All of the struggles, hardships, failures, disappointments and sadness were all lessons... all ripples guiding you, strengthening you, and preparing you for the magnificence that you emanate now.

Look up once again at the glorious full moon overlooking the water. Take a deep breath and say out loud (or in your head) - “I welcome the clarity, strength and the many blessings that the moon offers me. I trust my intuition and guides to point me towards relationships and situations that will serve my highest good.”

We take a moment to enjoy this feeling of blessing and gratitude. And we also call to mind all the experiences, and all of the people who have come into and out of your life, that we are thankful for. We offer this good feeling to them and all beings.

Now set your intentions... for JOY, for LOVE, for PEACE... for whatever your heart desires.

Be sure that you state them out loud or in my mind as if they are already here - FEEL THEM as if they already exist - feeling it is what makes it real.

  • I am open to receive the abundance that is all around me.
  • I embody love and I welcome love.
  • And now we fill in our own I Am or I call In
  • I AM ________________________
  • I Call In ________________________

Speak from your heart, from the deepest part of your soul. Speak with love and light.

When you have finished setting your intentions, pause for a few moments to let that energy wash over you.

Look at the calm waters with the moon’s reflection & energy rippling through.

When you are ready, take a deep breath and take the plunge! Jump, dive or twirl into the water. It is invigorating as the cool water washes away all the stale energy of the past, wipes the slate clean and releases all that no longer serves you.

The water readies you for the life you deserve - the life of LOVE, PASSION, JOY, MEANING, ABUNDANCE.

Stay underneath as long as you like and enjoy the weightlessness and ease with which you glide through. You emerge REBIRTHED, REINVIGORATED, REVITALIZED.

Float as long as you like in the calm, peacefulness of your own radiant awareness.