Grounding with Earth

We are so excited to be partnering with one of our yogi crushes, Cari Rogers, to present our first series of Wisdom Workshops.

In the first installment of Cari's Elemental Series, we explored Grounding with Earth using the 5 senses to ground and center ourselves via connection to Earth. We came away with various tools to use when we are feeling untethered, disconnected, unsafe or anxious. Below is some homework Cari invited us to help us connect with the Earth element.


  • Create an earth altar (with collected pieces from abundant sources) in a corner of your home or yard to connect to nature. Stones or crystals, in particular, carry weight that can remind us to root down. 
  • Walking from place to place is an opportunity to take in visually the stimulus of plants, flora, earth mounds, grass, etc.
  • Before meals, take a moment to visually take in what you are about to receive with gratitude.


  • Vibrational healing tools are meant to entrain our brains into various frequencies for reduced stress and increased awareness. Particularly beneficial to use during meditation or at the start or end of the day. We used tools tuned to the vibration of the physical body’s energy centers or lower chakras.
  • Crystal singing bowl, tibetan singing bowl and tuning forks were integrated into the grounding meditation.


  • We did a tasting meditation using pomegranate seeds. Tasting meditation can be done with any foods at any time. The idea is to slow down, look, smell, taste and take a moment to think about all that went into creating that single bite of food. Eating with gratitude is like filling the body with nutritious gratitude, and considering the origins of your food and your surroundings are richly grounding practices.
  • We tried Linghzi mushroom tea - prepared chilled with thyme and rosemary. These herbs and funghi remind us of our roots and earthly connection, and taking in this tea with gratitude and intention can help to center us in the physical body.
  • Consider purchasing Alphay medicinal mushroom products that Cari and Kathmandu Yogi founder, Natasha Casanova, personally use HERE.


  • Kathmandu Yogi grounding mala jewelry - Natural Onyx and Tiger’s Eye were selected for their root chakra connection. Use mala as jewelry to remind you of your ground or during meditation focused on grounding
  • Purchase these fair trade malas (and meditation cushions) at The Guild or online HERE


  • We used Copal, a tree resin blended with herbs from the rainforest of Belize, to commence our gathering, to cleanse the space and to breathe in as deep connection to the moment. 
  • Purchase this particular copal from Belize HERE

The Elemental Series continues with the following line up:

Newcomers welcome. No special clothing or gear required. Register for any or all of the above using the coupon code: WiseYogi to receive $5 off

Cari Rogers, HealThySelf