How To Prepare For Meditation

Let Go of Expectations

Whenever we enter into something new, I find there is always a mixture of excitement and maybe a little fear.

The openness and excitement that comes with new possibilities.

And the fear that it won’t meet expectations.

Starting a meditation practice can be daunting. You have the hope that it will bring greater stability of mind, happiness and all those great benefits every article seems to talk about.

Then your knees start to hurt.

Your mind starts to wander.

And why can’t I stop thinking about that email from last week I never responded to?!


Take a breath.

Take a moment and remember what meditation really is.

Meditation is the opportunity to see your own mind and work with what’s there. It helps to create more awareness and get some internal space from our own thoughts and ideas – then let go of what's not useful.

Unfortunately, we go into every situation with expectations, and I don’t think there has ever been a moment in history when our fantasy and reality matched.

Leave the expectations at the door.

Open yourself to discover your most authentic self.

It won’t always be pretty or nice, but at least you have plenty of material to work with.

Then inch-by-inch, day-by-day, as the light of awareness shines brighter and brighter, you become the you that you want to share with the world.

Create Your Sacred Space

Finding your sacred space for meditation and your innermost development can be a daunting task.

Dreams of the Himalayas or looking out from your beachfront home with bay windows on the coast may be a little beyond your reach right now, but we work with what we have.

Even though we are looking inward with meditation, that doesn't mean your outer space can't be used as inspiration for your inner space.

Since meditation can be done anywhere, your new meditation room can be as simple or extravagant as you like.

See the 10 Ways to Create Your Perfect Meditation Space

Check In With Friends and Getting Support

Beginning a new habit can be tough.

Even more so when it's something like meditation that can create new changes in you.

You really are starting a journey of self-discovery and even more importantly, letting go of the useless clutter. Just like our home, stuff accumulates in the mind.

The countless impressions from the moment we're born. A seemingly endless mixture of negative and positive, all of which has formed us.

All these tiny moments equal who we think we are right now.

All these impressions shape our view of the world -- and our reality.

When you start meditating you are deciding to look under the bed. Finding layers of dust and loose socks that have been missing for years!

That's why we all need a little help from our friends.

Creating an environment of emotional support is important for everyone; even more so on this journey of looking inward.

As you kick up the dust of your mind, having trusted friends is critical for a safe and stable development. People to give feedback, insight and make sure you're not getting too strange!

Yes, I'm talking to that girl that ate nothing but orange things. ;)

I designed the meditation challenge with support in mind; that's why the Facebook group was created. Whether you check in with the group or have your inner circle to do the challenge with -- check in.

Because everyone deserves a chance to discover your new you.