Self-Confidence Meditation

Have a seat on the ground with your legs crossed, and your spine straight, or you can be sitting in a chair,  just make sure you keep 

your posture tall during this session.

Begin by acknowledging something that is keeping you alive since 

the very beginning of your life, oxygen.

Breathing is the most important thing we do, 

we cannot go for longer than 2 minutes or so without breath,

 yet most of us do not even notice we are breathing all day.

So, let’s honor our breath now by taking 5 deep and full breaths together 

in a moment, letting each breath fill you will energy,

 and each time you exhale, allow yourself to feel deeply relaxed.

Take 5 significant and purposeful breaths.

1 fully inhale…. expanding your belly and chest as much as you can.  

Holding it for a moment…and  exhale…. 

feeling a wave of relaxation sweep over you…

2 inhale…. filling your entire breathing system with fresh oxygen. 

Hold it…and exhale…. the wave of relaxation gently sweeping over you…

3 inhale…. so that you are brimming with air.

Holding it….. soaking in oxygen…and exhale…. 

your body relaxes in different areas, without any effort…

4 fully inhale…. feeling these breaths purifying your entire body…

Exhaling…. just notice how you are feeling…

And 5…. a beautiful breath coming in.…

Hold it, feeling invigorated from oxygen…

and exhale…. allowing relaxation to sweep over you…

Take note of how you feel at this very moment. 

You now have an abundance of oxygen. 

Remember breath is life, and feel connected to your aliveness.

Breathing deeply and fully is an expression of self-compassion.

Let your breath flow naturally now, and notice how you feel.

Now, Return your focus on your spine. 

Is it straight, radiating confidence in yourself? 

Make your posture tall and proud, but keep the chin tucked slightly,  

gaze downward or eyes closed.

Allow your eyelids to relax and do whatever feels most natural for you.

This relaxation in your eyelids is so comforting, that you let it grow 

and begin to fill your entire body with calmness.

Become aware of your head now. Just notice your eyes…..and ears….

what sounds can you hear? notice your nose and can you feel 

the air gently coming in? notice your mouth, and chin.

Let your awareness go down your neck, and shoulders, 

down each arm, and all the way to the tip of each finger.

Become aware of your lungs now, expanding and contracting.

And notice your heart beating strongly.

Notice your belly, and hips.

All the way down each leg, to notice your feet and each toe.

Take another nice deep breath in and allow a smile come across your face.

Bring into your mind a memory when you were laughing.  It could be a memory from long ago, or a funny moment that happened recently.

Just let the feeling of laughter and joy rise in your body 

as it comes into your mind.  Vividly see yourself laughing.

Now hear yourself saying: 

“When I laugh, I am calm and relaxed.

Whenever I am in a stressful time, it is helpful for me to smile 

even just a little and remember that this stress shall pass on by.

When I breathe deeply and focus on a time when I was laughing, I can bring the feeling of happiness and joy, back to the very moment of now.

I am an important addition to this world.

I accomplish things in my own time.

I am worthy and I deserve goodness.

When I relax, I can focus. I don’t have to worry about 

what I will be,  because I already am.”


Vividly see yourself now accomplishing all  that you want to do. 

See this in as much detail as you can. The more details you can add 

to your imagination of yourself achieving goals, the better.


Now whenever you are ready to come back to the present moment, 

take a nice deep refreshing breath, feeling energized 

and ready to accomplish your goals.

When we open our eyes we will return to a beautiful world that’s yours to explore. That you are a part of and not separate from.

We dedicate all the good from this practice to all sentient beings. 

May they be happy and free from suffering.

And when we are ready we can gently open our eyes and 

ease back into our present space and surroundings.