3 Ways Meditation Can Ease Your Financial Worries

Mindful living and meditation are proven to be great for your stress levels and can help you manage many different kinds of anxiety. As more and more people are aiming to live mindful lives, the link between mindfulness and money is becoming more apparent.

Money is a source of deep stress in most people’s lives. According to SaveYourDollars, many Americans have trouble with managing debt and finances, and “more than half of the American population have debt. About 81.5% of millennial's, 79.9% of the Gen X generation, and 80.9% of baby boomers are in debt.” That’s a tremendous amount of debt—and a tremendous amount of unhealthy stress to go along with it.

While it would be irresponsible to claim that mindfulness and meditation will make all your money problems go away, that doesn’t mean meditation can’t be part of a multi-faceted solution. It can, and here’s how:

Meditating on Your Finances

Believe it or not, your mindset plays a large role in financial success. In order manifest the wealth that you dream of, you must make sure you're mentally in a clear-headed, positive, and future-thinking place.

1. Think Positively About Money

How you handle money as an adult has a lot to do with your financial experiences growing up. For example, some people grow up with the mindset that money is morally bad, or that finances should never be discussed. In these situations, some people develop a negative mindset about money, and it gives them anxiety or shame in relation to their finances. Use meditation as a tool to ease that anxiety and train yourself to think positively about money. Instead of apprehensively approaching the topic of finances, allow meditation to ease your thoughts and balance your emotions, so that you can focus on the best financial path for yourself.


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2. Focus Your Financial Energy

Money, like energy, is always transferring from one place to another, whether it is done mindfully or not. If you don’t focus your money in a particular direction, then just like energy, it will move in whatever direction it wants and it will disappear. Just as you would meditate to focus and center your energy, meditate to focus and center your money. Calmly contemplate your earnings and your spending habits. Are you focusing your money and your energy in a good direction? Respond to your financial energy positively by always being aware of where your money is going and how it will return to you.

3. You Get What You Give

While you may currently have less money than you'd like, the only way to get more is to give more. Many people who are anxious about money are unable to let it go when they receive it, even if they are financially stable. They hold tightly to their money, hoarding it away. This fundamental fear of losing money comes from a fear of scarcity, a fear that the world is ungiving. Meditate about the purpose of money and about your financial fears. Again, money is like energy, meant to move around from place to place, to bless the people who use it. Money, when used wisely, improves lives. Are you using money to improve your life? Or are you too afraid of losing money to let it go? Use meditation to let go of fear. Choose to believe that the world is a generous and giving place, and be part of that world.

Meditating your way to a better mindset is a very real and effective way to relieve stress and improve your finances. Follow these four game-changing tips to put your money where your mind is.